Wristband from my kid to a friend


Wristband number

71 984


My daughter came home from school and told me about this new anti-bullying campaign they were trying at Northwood High School (Ohio). She said they were going to try to take the focus away from just not being mean to others and placing it on the importance of being kind to one another. A few days later she cam home happy about a bracelet she had received and that she had been wanting to get one to pass it along to me for all the good I make a point of doing for others. My profile picture is of me shaving my head for my 33rd birthday to raise money for St. Baldrick's Foundation. They use donations to fund research for new treatments for Childhood Cancer. Sarah gave me the bracelet because I had just told her I'd decided to take up a collection of children's themed band-aids to send to a little girl in Texas "Becca Boo" who's holding Becca's Band-Aid Drive. She has been battling cancer for most of her 4yr. life and one of her bright spots to all the blood draws, chemo pokes, and other sorts is a receiving a cheerful child friendly Band-Aid of a favorite character or cool print when she's done. I'd like to send her a bunch for Christmas to help with her efforts, and reinforcing the importance of kindness is important to me. I'm very interested to check back in and see where this bracelet goes from here!


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