Wrist Band Recieved at CVS


Wristband number

72 062


I had just finished my morning workout and headed home when I decided to stop by CVS to see if my prescription was ready. It wasn't (even though it should have bee), but it was fine so I went and read cheesy magazines in the corner by the door. They called me on the intercom after about 10 minutes and I walked to the pick up counter. At this point the line was about 5 people long. Just my luck. No problem I though, I'll just play games on my phone until it's my turn. I was still about 3 people back when I saw a very old man with a portable oxygen tank at the front of the line picking up his prescription and buying a few groceries. A few heavy groceries including a gallon of milk. The pharmacist asked if he needed assistance with those and the old man replied yes. None of the other associates behind the counter came to help, as I assume they were busy filling prescriptions. One pharmacist asked for assistance on the intercom. All of this seemed kind of silly to me, as this old man was surrounded by at least 8 different able bodied people. So I offered to carry his groceries since I was just standing in line. I didn't think anything of it, though I did notice a cute girl smile at me and offer me my original spot in line when I walked back inside. One of the pharmacists pulled me aside afterwards and gave me this band. It made me feel all fuzzy inside. I get depressed sometimes and that wasn't a particular great day. Receiving this band made me happier. I was just trying to be a decent human being. I hope I find someone else to give this band to.


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