Reaching Out


Wristband number

10 314


I've been in a dark place, the semester has killed me, and it ended up with me and my girlfriend breaking up in a huge fight that never needed to happen. We have been going back and forth over the past few days to figure out where we stand. We are still best friends, but I want to fix it and go back to where we were. We started the Hokie Bucket List together, and one of the things on it was to participate in this, she reached out to me by giving me this wristband. I didn't react right to it, i was upset that we crossed something off while on a break thinking it doesn't count on our list, but she was showing me that she cares, and I appreciate that. I hope she knows that it means something to me, that she is showing me that she still cares for me no matter what is going on between us.


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