A Ray of Sunshine


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14 185


Having recently begun a new work experience Ms. Colleen was one of two people that made a point to let me know I was truly "Welcome" and appreciated in my new place of employment. Hers was not a perfunctory welcome . With the warmest of smile and body language, she approached me saying that while she had wondered how someone could come in and replace the former staff member, her fears were allayed because as she said I have been "a ray of sunshine." As the only full-time black staff member who had already been subjected to inappropriate racially charged comments and the suggestion by administration that my work was not up to par, her acknowledgment of me as a "ray of sunshine" was a lifeline and affirmation that everything was going to be alright. Thank you Ms. Colleen; it is really you, who whenever I see you, acts as a "ray of sunshine" in my life.


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