Paying it Forward


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94 857


I went to the Dollar Tree on September 6th to get balloons for my daughters birthday. I arrived before the store opened and noticed a family with four small children waiting out in front of the store. Once the store opened I got my balloons and was waiting in line as I heard the gentlemen in front of me tell the clerk he wanted to pay an extra $20.00 towards the purchase of the family that had been waiting out front. I was very touched by this gesture and I knew he was the person I wanted to give my wristband to. I hurried and paid wanting to catch up with this gentlemen in the parking lot. Once I reached him and I told him how he touched my heart. I explained the Actively Caring for People movement and gave him the wristband then asked him to view the website and pass it on. I waited for him to tell his story........ but decided to tell it.


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