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On Saturday, April 1st I met Leah, a student at West Virginia University, at the Sheetz gas station in Morgantown. I was there waiting to use the air pump to fill up my daughter's tires for her car while she was in class so that she would be able to drive it without a problem later that day. While I was waiting for the pump I sat behind a car with a young woman attempting to use the air pump to gauge her tire pressure and she looked frazzled. After a few moments passed she came up to my window, that was already rolled down, and asked if I knew how to use the machine properly. I was second away from getting out to offer help anyways so I immediately got out and gave her assistance. She was unable to figure out which tire was low so I checked all of them for her while engaging in conversation. I informed her that I was a pastor in the area to which she told me that her father back home was also one. With that in common, we began discussing her schooling and what major she was involved in and she told me that after graduating with her bachelors in Psychology she wanted to get a teaching certificate to teach elementary students. I thought this was wonderful and asked how she knew she wanted to work with kids. I soon found out that she had been a Sunday school teacher for seven years prior and that she missed being in that line of work. Because I work at a church currently and she seemed like such a kind young woman, I told her that she could get in touch with me and possible start teaching Sunday school over at our church here. After I offered her this and finished filling her tires she told me how much she appreciated me and how kind I was. Leah said that I reminded her a lot of her dad back home and she was so glad there was people who still helped others out of the good of their heart. After telling me this she went to car and got a wrist band and explained that she was supposed to give it to someone who did something kind for someone else. I was extremely flattered that she was so touched from our interaction and made sure to enter our story to explain how special it was to me as well. Given the great experience I had with Leah as a result of this project; I am excited to pass it on.


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