Night Out of Caring


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6 609


The act of kindness that I witnessed happened on October 28, 2017 during a night out in Morgantown. My friend got separated from our group as we headed downtown to the bars and clubs. She was already pretty drunk and out of it and things got worse when she left the house we started at. At some point during our walk downtown, she felt sick and without any of us realizing she tried to walk her drunk self back home. While we were panicking and looking for her, she bumped into these two girls who went above and beyond to get in touch with us and to help walk her back to her house. Honestly, I don’t know what would’ve happened had they not stepped up and helped out. I gave my bracelet to the one girl willing to take it because any number of terrible things could’ve happened to my friend (she could’ve been arrested, assaulted, hit by a car etc) and because these two girls took time out of their night to help her, they helped prevent what could’ve been a bad situation.


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