New Coworker


Wristband number

6 064


I hadn’t been to work for a whole week. During my absence, a few new faces had transferred from other locations. Due to working in a busy restaurant with plentiful coworkers, I hadn’t had time to make much conversation with anyone new. While entering the back entrance of the kitchen near the restrooms, a woman approached me with a concern about her blind husband taking a longer than usual time in the restroom. I looked for the first male I could find, who happened to be a new employee. Without hesitation, he headed towards the men’s room to assist the man out of the bathroom. This act of kindness was more than enough to be deemed worthy for the bracelet in my eyes. I was even more pleased with my decision to give him the bracelet after I explained the Actively Caring Project to him and he reacted with excitement and appreciation. I also learned his name that day, Leroy.


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