Ms. Leah Sauer


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6 044


I met Pastor John at Sheetz Saturday April, 1. I went there because after two weeks of having my tire pressure alert light on, I decided it was probably time to do something before I ended up with a flat. After losing my tire's air cap down in the wheel and having no success of getting it out, on top of the machine not latching onto my tire correctly I gave up and decided to ask for help before a line accumulated behind me. Luckily the man behind me, who had been watching my struggle for the last few minutes, already had his window down and was patiently waiting to talk to me. After telling him I was having difficulty he told me that he had a daughter my same age and if she were having trouble he would want someone to help her too. He got out of his car and helped me get the cap out of my wheel and checked all four of my tires pressure for me just to make sure that all of them were safe. As he was talking to me and explaining how to properly use the machine to me we discussed some interesting things. I found out that like my dad back home, he was a Pastor at an assembly of God church. We talked about my involvement with my church back home and how I worked as a Sunday School teacher for the last seven years and he proceded to tell me that because of how kind and well rounded I seemed, we could set up an interview for a possible teaching position at his church. This was great news to hear as I had been eagerly awaiting a chance to work with children again and back in that atmosphere. I was so touched by his kindness and willingness to be patient with me during a hectic day that I went and got my bracelet from the car and gave it to him. I explained to him the purpose of the program and not only did he love the idea but he said he would definitely pass it on.


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