Mrs Tabatha Lamadieu


Wristband number

95 771


My name is Tabatha Lamadieu. I am the clinical nurse manager for the SHARE military Initiative program at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta, GA. Dr. Geller came to Shepherd to present to the supervisory staff his program. I came in with no expectations. I was not aware of of the AC4P program until that day. I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation. A lot of the things Dr. Geller spoke of are a number things we pride ourselves on doing her at Shepherd. However I learned quite a bit and was plesantly surprised that it was so wonderful. I grabbed 2 wrists bands from the table (no one was sitting next to me). The first band (that I no longer have the number for) was given to a co-worker April Hodge. When I returned from the training the next morning I saw her getting a gift card and a greeting card foe one of my staff members. She doesn't interact with him daily or regularly but she wanted to ensure that he knew we all appreciate his hard work and dedication and that he is apart of our team. She does this ofter. She always takes time out of her evening or day to get birthday gifts for everyone. With no expectation of getting anything back. It made me instantly think of the training. The second one I am currently still wearing. I wish I had a lot of these bands because I think they are eesteem boosters and have a great purpose. I fully intend to save the band for my cruise that is at the end of the month. I saw the map of all the destinations that the bands have traveled and I don't recall seeing anything for the carribean. I would love giving a well deserving person the band. But we shall see. Until next time. I think a good idea would be to attach the stories of all the same band numbers and call it a Traveling Band. Just an idea. Thanks, TL


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