Wristband number

75 874


I received Wristband #75874 today from Dr. Geller - I was in attendance at a retreat/social held at the AC4P ranch today. Besides the most wonderful scenery and exceptional hospitality was an excellent meal and several conversationalist and great spirits. I talked with a few people regarding the AC4P movement, one of which was Dr. Geller who had initially introduced the movements concepts to me earlier in the week. I have been so moved by these concepts and the energy of the others I spoke with that I vowed to present the these concepts in my own circle, and to advertise on its behalf. Dr. Geller got wind of my commitment and in that instance he handed over to me the responsibility of forwarding Wristband #75874. I am honored to be an ambassador for AC4P, I believe it to be a worthy cause and equal use of my attention. I am proudly wearing this band even as I write this story. and I will continue it as a badge of my own commitment to caring for others. Even so, I can not wait to share it with a deserving person.


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