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82 219


Directions have never been my forte. One would think after going back and forth to school for three years, I would know my way home from here. However, I was distracted on my drive and went the wrong way home. After driving for about twenty minutes I realized this was not the way I would typically go. I looked at my GPS and it said it was about the same amount of time to get home as the other way would take me. So I continued on. I pulled up to a toll in a cash only lane. Immediately I started to panic due to the fact that I had not one dollar on me. After sitting in the same spot for two minutes I realized there was a line of traffic behind me. I saw the man in the car behind me getting out of his car. I became nervous because he looked like he wanted to scream at me. Instead he handed me two dollars. I immediately felt better. I thanked him for his generosity and handed him the actively caring bracelet. I told him his act of kindness was extremely helpful and to pass it on to the next person he saw engaging in a kind act.


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