Maggy May (PA) to Auntie Doreen (HI)


Wristband number

101 257


I arrived at MKK, the airport on Molokai feeling alone. Doreen was the one who picked me up from the airport to take me to my hotel. She made me feel very welcome, and we talked a lot on the way to the hotel. Long story short, I was feeling very homesick, and Doreen made it a point to cheer me up. She wanted me to enjoy my time on her island, and she took good care of me as well as all the other guests that came to her. She truly did make my stay on Molokai wonderful. She is a true giver. I have had my bracelet for over a year, waiting for that special person to give it to. Well, I found her on Molokai. Thank you, Auntie Doreen, for your loving and giving spirit. May you be blessed and continue blessing others with your presence.


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