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I had the opportunity to meet a beautiful young lady at Camp Hope this weekend, in Rutledge,Georgia. Camp Hope is a camp sponsored by Northside Hospital Atlanta Auxiliary for cancer patients. As for myself, and the many other men and women at the camp, we had the pleasure of sharing our journeys (breast cancer, stomach cancer, ovarian cancer, brain cancer, colon cancer, and the list goes on) with each other and learning to live beyond a diagnosis. The young lady who passed the bracelets on to us, gave us the story behide the "Actively Caring for People" movement. We were so, excited about the purpose/message of the bracelet! Of course, we all decide that it would be a great way to tell our stories and share how individuals dealing with cancer "pay it forward" to encourage every (stranger) life we encounter. Now, as for this young lady, she is this beautiful spirit with a positive attitude and a big heart! Even though, she is going through her own personal journey, she stop to sow a seed into each of us, to let us know that she CARE!!! Keep Spreading the LOVE! Extraordinary Conquer


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