LEO Blue Wrist Band


Wristband number

501 873


I recently had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Geller speak at the annual HABA conference in Honolulu, HI. As a former blue blood turned behavior analyst, living in Hawai'i and believing in always being pono - I was intrigued by his lecture and introduction of AC4P. I wanted to learn more and toss around hypothesis as well as find ways to bring the law enforcement community and behavior analyst communities closer in synch. As we spoke, a smile came over him and he proceeded to hand be the blue band he was wearing. He went on to explain the serendipity of it all. Sharing how he rarely wears the blue band, after all it is new in comparison to the original green. I interned shared how pleased I was getting through the crowd and have the opportunity to meet, promised to register and later pass on my blue band. I have to admit, I'll be sad to let it go but can't wait for the story it will tell!! Mahalo nui loa Dr. Geller!! A hui ho!


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