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At ABAI 2016 in Chicago, I decided to attend the panel discussion on AC4P because as a future behavior analyst (hopefully in the very near future), my ultimate goal is to use my skills in behavior analysis on a cultural level, in hopes to decrease societal issues. Specifically, I want to work in the area of criminal justice and therefore, this discussion at the conference stood out to me. I was confused as to why they were passing out wristbands, at first. However, once I began to understand the details of the idea/movement, I honestly was inspired and could not wait to talk to others about this (and have done so daily). I find myself thanking others more often, recognizing acts of kindness, and looking for more ways I can be involved and help communities unite. Although I have not handed my wristband to another, I intend to do so. I hope to see this initiative grow, and gain acceptance across the country in more cities and towns. It is one small, but important, step in uniting and bringing out the best in our society. Thank you!


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