I Care About Safety Because I Care About You


Wristband number

5 414


I received this wristband from Dr. Scott Geller in a PDS (Professional Development Seminar) at the National Safety Council's annual conference. The session was on a Brother's/Sister's Keeper Safety Culture. Each attendee was asked to introduce themselves and say why there were in that seminar. My words moved him with the power of the emotional connection and conviction to protect my fellow workers, my workforce FAMILY. Because while I may not know each of them individually, I know that every life matters and they are important to not just our workforce but to someone else - a wife, husband, child, parent, sibling, friend.... So when I see a report of an injury or fatality, my heart aches to read it. Because I have and will always actively care for people and because being a safety professional is not just my job but my sacred duty.


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