Helping Hand


Wristband number

6 081


On this day I was walking from the mountain lair garage into the lair. As I was coming up on the small flight of stairs from the top level of the parking garage and the door, a guy fell and dropped his food and drink. He had tripped while going up the stairs and dropped everything that he had bought. He was clearly embarrassed, and also upset that he had dropped his food. The girl behind him on the stairs helped him up quickly, and was checking on him to see if he was okay. As soon as she knew he was okay, without hesitation she told him to come with her and that she would buy him food because she had an extra meal swipe for the day. He tried to tell her that he was fine, and she didn't have to do that, but she didn't take no for an answer and told him to come with her. I grabbed the bracelet from my backpack and walked up to her really quick before they left and gave her the bracelet, and briefly explained the meaning behind it and thanked her for being such a caring person. She told me that she appreciated it, and she would be keeping an eye out for someone that she could give the bracelet to.

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