Having An Ear To Listen


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I was sitting with a friend eating during my lunch break in a building that's about 15 minutes away from my work place and saw someone that worked with me whom I haven't seen in a long time. While almost passing me by, I called out his name and I asked him where he's been because it was so long since I've seen him. He asked me if I had a moment for him to share with me and I told him yes so I moved aside so he could sit next to me. I discovered that he now works in that building and shared with me the story of why he quit his previous job. He later thanked me and told me that I didn't have to let him set next to me because I was sitting with my friend eating lunch but I did. He told me that I was one of the first today to be a listening ear to him and engage him in conversation today especially because he wasn't in the best mood. He shared with me the story of the bracelet and told me to pass it on. Who knew something as simple as letting someone share there story with me and letting them sit next to me would brighten their day. I realize that sometimes we don't understand what a person is going through so we should think about others by extending an act of kindness, it goes a long way.


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