Going the Extra Mile for Employees through Compassion


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Steve Schroer was promoted to Warehouse Manager for Crown Greencastle in December 2016. He epitomizes how building trusting relationships with your employees will result in better teamwork within the department. Steve consistently manages employees with Respect and Value, treating employees with Care and Concern and while going the extra mile for his employees. Steve has many years of experience as a supervisor. He has supervised both warehouse and shipping operations. Steve’s employees have always spoken highly of him and how they are treated by him. Steve’s employees feel that they can count on him to treat them fairly and that he will listen to them when they have legitimate issues or concerns that affect their work environment. Steve’s employees are more than just a means to get the work done. Steve actively cares about the wellbeing and success of his employees. Steve has shown on numerous occasions that he cares about what is going on in their lives and is genuinely concerned about them personally. On numerous occasions, Steve has helped struggling employees. Steve took these employees under his care; mentored, directed, and listened to the issues and has successfully built these individuals into productive, faithful, team members. Steve actively cares for his employees by being an example of humility, kindness, and respect to each of his team members. This pattern of genuine leadership has not gone unnoticed by his peers and direct reports. Steve is a genuine, honest, and hardworking employee who builds relationships and trust within his organization by genuinely caring about people inside and outside of the doors of Crown.


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