Gave to someone who was disappointed


Wristband number

119 519


I was visiting my mom in Blacksburg, VA from Sacramento, CA. When I visit I always go to her church with her, The Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the New River Valley. During the church service there was an announcement that the youth group was selling jars of soup makings that they had assembled. After the service I went to the table to buy one of the jars in order to support the youth group. After waiting in a short line, I handed the teenage girl behind the table $5 for a jar. She handed me my jar and announced that they were all out of soup jars. The woman behind me in line was disappointed that she couldn't get a soup jar, so I gave her mine. At first she protested, but I explained that it was okay, that I was really just buying the jar to support the youth group. As I walked away from the table, the teenage girl who was behind the table came to me and handed me the wristband. She explained the AC4P program that her youth group was participating in, and asked me to pass the wristband along when I saw someone being kind or caring.


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