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I was on my way home when I stopped at a light that is red almost ever day when I get to it. Two cars ahead of me; in the turning lane; suddenly threw its passenger door open and a young girl hopped out. Unsure of what was going on I watched to see. She ran across three lanes of stopped traffic to pick up something that an elderly lady had apparently dropped while crossing. This young, community minded teen not only ran back across traffic while; what I am assuming was her mother waited to turn and not only returned the item but also walked with the lady as she finished her journey across. I hope that when I reach that point in my life there are people like this still around. I wish I knew her name but left things anonymous as she probably felt odd enough about my approaching her with a band. She should be proud; and so should her mother; of what a kind soul she is. I couldn’t stop smiling for hours after, she made my week worthwhile.


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