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Every day, I feel as if I catch myself doing random acts of kindness for my friends, family, and for others. It is nice to do kind and positive things to others, making their lives simpler and happier. On March 14, 2017, I was walking home from class like a typical Tuesday when I noticed an act of kindness that one typically does not encounter on the norm. I was passing the Mountainair parking garage and Clark hall, near the ATM when I noticed from afar that some girl had dropped her credit card. A nice young man saw that she dropped it and ran over to the card and returned it to her quickly before it was too late. It truly put into perspective for me that there are genuine people who do these things. It is hard to think past all the negative things that you hear, assuming he would have taken her card and used it as if it were his. So, as I saw this sweet act of kindness, I went over to the guy, thanked him for what he did, and explained the act of kindness movement and the message behind the bracelet. He thought it was a nice idea and that it could spread awareness to others regarding these random acts of kindness. I hope that more college students and even we as Americans will continue acts of kindness in our busy, everyday lives because it can truly make a positive difference and impact in this world.

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