Caring for Others


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70 737


I have recently been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, and I have been struggling very much throughout this semester of college. My roommate introduced me to the actively caring for people movement and gave me a bracelet. For some reason, whatever that reason may be, I was extremely moved by the bracelet. She explained to me that the big picture of the movement is to create a world where people are nicer to each other, and I think that is just absolutely amazing. From personal experience, I know how good it can feel when people support me and show that they care, or are just genuinely nice to me. No one knows what another human being is suffering from or going through, and I think that if we all just started being a little bit nicer to the people around us, it could benefit them way more than you could ever know. Sometimes when I am not feeling myself, a complete stranger who is just being genuinely nice can help boost my mood or even my outlook on the day. I am so excited to pass along my bracelet, and I fully support what this movement is trying to establish in the world. Keep being nice!!


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