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I was in Boston eating the typical free breakfast at a Fairfield Marriott. There was a woman working extremely hard getting the food cooked and served for those of us coming to the breakfast as we came in group by group. One of the groups staying at the hotel was an entire bus of High School students touring together. They had gotten there 15-20 minutes before my wife and I and as we came in for breakfast and saw some of the group still eating we looked at each other and said "we better go somewhere else, they likely ate everything". But as we got steps closer, the eggs were full, the bacon was plentiful, the toast was all set up - it looked like no one had been there eating yet. The woman who took care of this place was really working hard, serving an entire group and still being ready for the other customers as we came in 2 by 2 from other rooms in the hotel. As we ate breakfast we watched her serving everything. Smiles, no words, she just served. You could tell she took pride in doing a good job - serving people. At the end of the breakfast, I told my wife "I'm going to give her a tip, we got a free breakfast why shouldn't we pay it back?" My wife said "That nice, you going to give her a couple bucks?" I replied, "no, I'm going to give her $5. Not only was she ready with the food, it was hot, fresh, she did an amazing job". I got up, I walked over to the woman as she was straightening out the plates and silverware. I said "Miss, you do such and excellent job. We thought with that big group we weren't going to eat here today, that there wouldn't be any food left in the moment. And not only was there food, it was plentiful, warm and very tasty. Your service is simply excellent and can I give you this $5 for being so good?" The woman looked into my eyes, paused for a second and fell forward with a hug. She then looked at me with tears in her eyes and stated "No one has ever said anything about my work and I've never gotten more than a dollar or two a few times a week. Are you sure?" I stated "Sure of giving you $5, yes I'm sure. You are worth a million times more than that and today you did so well for us - Thank You!" She continued to look at me, all smiles and a few tears and she said "God Bless you sir". I replied, "God Bless you too, you are a wonderful person". As I turned to go back to my wife, a whole nother table of 6 people all smiles said to me out loud "Thank You, that was so nice of you". I just said "It's nice when we are able to notice how good someone is...which we all are over time - but we don't much notice". They agreed nodding yes... I got back to the table, my wife had seen it all and said "Did you know that is one of the top reasons I married you?" I said "What, what do you mean?" She said "Your are king to others quite frequently". I told her she was being overly kind to me...but then it struck me. That woman was so blown away with a $5, would $20 make her day? I pulled out a $20 with no one watching and walked over to the door opening from the kitchen area and the woman came out. I held out my hand and said, "Please let me see your hand". She opened her palm and I put the folded $20 in her hand. She started crying. A lot. I told her "This isn't for your work, this is because your heart is so big and I want you to have just a little bit more today". She didn't know what to say...but "Thank You" over and over. I told her she was fully welcome. I don't know if anyone else saw or noticed when I gave her the $20 bill. I do know, 10 minutes later when my wife and I came down with our bags to leave the hotel we looked in the area and that entire table of 6 had got together an undetermined amount of money and was giving it to this woman. Actively Carinig is contagious. But even better, I feel selfish....because those moments that day made my day I think more than hers. My wife and I talked about blessings and positive things all day long, avoiding the negative "noise" of the world around us. And, if I were to tell you that at that next moment, after arriving to Fenway (The Green Monster) on a Sunday morning that I "by chance" ran into some men standing on the outside of the stadium that out of nowhere asked me to join them on a personalized tour of Fenway they were getting as special Season Ticket Holders....It was incredible. I was in the locker room, in the Red Sox dugout and I got to walk the thin low hallway from the locker room to the dugout that every player walks thru into each game with all the championships noted on the walls - like a walk thru an identity of victors to reminid them who they are - winners. Amazing. And unbelievable that on a Sunday morning, non game day, as we just wanted to drive by and see Fenway, that somehow I'm getting actively cared for in a personal tour so personal....that any and every Red Sox fan would be jealous. I'm a Yankee fan. But for that one day, I bought a Red Sox hat on it that has "Fenway" on the bill. That day I was a fan of all of us that actively cared for each other. It's how the world is suppose to be. But it starts with each of us noticing and simply making the life of someone else just a little bit better. What a it was only 10:30AM...


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