Actively Caring Story


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On Wednesday night, I was at dinner with my best friend Shelby. In the middle of eating, she got a call from one of her friends back home in New Hampshire where both of us are from, and I could tell something was wrong. Shelby's face went blank and I asked her what had happened. She told me her friend was on the verge of a possible attempt at suicide and that they didn't know how to deal with their depression anymore. I told Shelby to talk them through what was going on, but Shelby did something I did not expect. She got up and said, "I know this might sound stupid, but I need to go home." I asked her what she meant by home and she said, "To New Hampshire." A 12 hour drive? In the middle of the night? I thought it was crazy, but she insisted that her friend meant more to her than anything and that she wanted to make sure they were okay. Sure enough, Shelby got up, grabbed her keys, and said, "I'll call you once I get to their house tomorrow." Before she left, I gave her my wristband and said, "You really are an amazing friend." She looked at me and smiled and asked what the significance of the bracelet was, and I told her how she had shown such an amazing act of kindness for someone that wasn't even remotely close to her, yet was willing to drive hundreds of miles just to be there for them. I told her to pass on the bracelet to someone she sees doing an act of kindness just as she did. Her friend ended up being surprised the next day upon Shelby's arrival and felt so much better knowing she had a close friend to keep her safe.


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